a month ago
Mr. Pickett was awesome! He is very intelligent so don’t let the young age fool you. Worked extremely hard to get me the best outcome for my case and would work just as hard for you! I highly recommend him. Thank you again Mr. Pickett..... I’m very sure that the entire Pickett Lawyer group is great but in this review I’m speaking of the youngest Arthur. He is completely amazing and inspiring because he is only 26 years old only bright and extremely smart.
- Cheryl G
2 months ago
As a former Fairfax County prosecutor, I had the privilege of working alongside John Pickett for three years, during which time I witnessed him demonstrate his professionalism, laudable work ethic, and trial skills on a daily basis. John’s legal prowess came as no surprise, as his father has been a pillar of the local criminal law bar for the better part of the past thirty-five years and was paradoxically a formidable foe and a pleasure to deal with. Needless to say, I highly recommend the Pickett Law Group.
- John B
3 weeks ago
Great law firm! Very professional and knowledgeable team, Mr. John Pickett got me great results in my traffic case and with very easy process! I was so happy after being very worry as I was first time in this situation, I can’t thank him enough and his team, I definitely highly recommend!
- Suzan E

Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

People look for an attorney when trying to solve a legal problem or get out of one. This search is complicated by the fact that there are a lot of options to choose from. Given the severe consequences that may be associated with criminal charges, it is absolutely critical that you find the best criminal defense attorney for your case. If you are interested in how to find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax County and surrounding areas, you are at the right place.

Before we dive into the details of finding the best criminal justice attorney for you, let us take a brief look at their roles.

Who is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney has the knowledge and skills required to defend individuals charged with criminal cases.


The defense’ aim is to get the best outcome for the client. The attorney has the power to interact and negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf.

Case Investigation
A criminal defense lawyer investigates the case to at least collect evidence that they can use to build a strong defense. In the process of investigation, they are allowed to question the police in charge of the case and also visit the crime scene to gather more information.


Your attorney can interview witnesses to collect information about the case and to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Organize Exhibits for Demonstration in Court

They can carefully examine the evidence to determine legal theories and facts to build a strong defense for the case.

They also gather additional information to use as evidence against the prosecution charges.

Represents Defendants in Trial

They can gather witnesses to testify in court, cross-examine the witness and also persuade the jury that the evidence produced by the prosecution is insufficient, inadmissible or baseless to warrant a guilty


The criminal justice attorney also represents defendant during the sentencing phase. 

Sentencing Negotiation
Your criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution regarding plea bargain for the reduction of charges in relevant cases.

Qualities of a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

With experience, your attorney would have developed enough confidence to help steer cases to a favorable conclusion. This includes the ability to sway the jury to your side. Another advantage of an experienced attorney in your locality is that they have built relationships with the court system and knows the exact approach to take on your case.

Excellent Communication Skills
Your defense lawyer should understand your situation, able to deal with stressful and emotional moments in a professional manner. Find someone who can explain to you your options and also gives you advice.


You don’t just want an attorney interested in fees only. Criminal cases can come with heavy consequences, thus, a passionate lawyer who will give their all to get the best outcome for you is a necessary ally.

Apart from the professional requirement of confidentiality, a good attorney must keep your case discussions private even to relatives and people who have no interest nor influence in the case.
CompetentThe best criminal defense attorney or team for your case should have experience handling similar cases with good outcomes. This is important so they can present you with the best options. 

How to Find and Hire the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Ask for Referrals
The traditional approach is to ask associates, friends, or family for referrals. They may refer you to a criminal defense attorney with an excellent reputation, skill, knowledge and experience of handling criminal cases. What if you are new to an area or couldn’t get a satisfactory option?
The internet also offers an indirect referral approach. If you search online for “Fairfax County criminal defense Attorney”, you will find results of legal firms with feedback from people who have used the services.

Check Responsiveness
After getting your messages. 

Your potential attorney should respond promptly to your emails or phone calls and set up an appointment as soon as possible.

Have Courtroom Experience

You want to ensure that the law firm you choose specializes in a case like yours. They should have experience in trying such cases. Ask relevant questions about your case and your potential lawyer’s experience with the legal proceedings. Ensure they can put up a strong defence and are not afraid of trials when necessary.

Solid Legal Team

Another factor to consider when hiring an attorney is the legal team. While law firms such as The Pickett Law Group has a legal team with relevant experience in criminal defense and related cases some firms are run on a solo arrangement. 

A legal team can offer beneficial perspectives and support to help a case.

The above advice also applies if you are looking for the services of a:
DUI Attorney
Personal Injury Lawyer
Protective Order Attorney
Grand Larceny Attorney

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